FIT PLANET ARTICLE: PROOF THAT WORKING OUT TOGETHER WORKS WONDERS WHY WE FEEL UNSTOPPABLE WHEN WE WORK OUT TOGETHER By Emma Hogan We all want to be fitter, faster, stronger, happier and healthier – and we all possess the power to make it happen. But sometimes our motivation is lacking. Could chasing our goals alongside […]

The Best Way to Carve Inches Off Your Waistline

CARVING INCHES OFF YOUR WAISTLINEResearch shows how effectively HIIT trims stubborn tummy fat. THE BEST WAY TO CARVE INCHES OFF YOUR WAISTLINE By Emma Hogan for Fit Planet A flat stomach can play hard to get for both genders, but research has identified one method that works better than most. High-intensity interval training is known […]

Simple Habits That Will Make Seniors Healthier and Happier

Growing older brings about a world of changes. No matter who you are, age ushers in new life stages, both welcome and unwelcome. And though the welcome ones can bring so much joy, it’s still easy to get wrapped up in the turmoil and feel resistant to the unwelcome ones. However, acceptance is a powerful […]

Group X Challenge

How to Participate:Get a complimentary punch card from the front desk teammember. Take your card with you to each Group X class youattend. Instructors will validate punch cards at the end of each class. How to Redeem:After 10 Group X classes , present your completed punch card to a membership coordinator. *Each member is allowed […]

5 Reasons to try HIIT

The HIIT list: Five reasons to up the intensity.By Finlay Macdonald for Fit Planet It’s been called the closest thing to an exercise pill. And while it might take a bit more effort, there is now no doubt at all that high-intensity interval training is just what the doctor ordered. who follows the latest […]

Eight Excellent BeneFITs of Fitness & Nutrition

Exercise is not a “one size fits all.” Everyone’s body, health, and fitness goals are different so it’s important to find what works best for YOU. Lose weight. Lower stress. Improve health. Increase strength. We strive to be our best so you can look, feel, and be YOUR BEST!Creating and maintaining a normal workout routine […]

Reservations How-To

Desplácese para obtener instrucciones en español. Want to ensure you have a spot in any GroupX class??? Here’s HOW! From your phone, laptop or desktop: Go to Click on a reservation button or webslider. Once reservation screen is accessed you may choose a filter: Class name, Studio or Instructor OR you may just scroll […]

COVID-19 Updates

Exygon Nederland + Beaumont are both REOPENED with the following procedures being implemented: Update 3/10/2020: Effective Wednesday, March 10, Governor Abbot is removing the statewide mask mandate and allowing businesses to choose how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic is not over; the only thing changing is who is making the decisions. As […]

Good Hygiene Practices to Follow at the Gym to Prevent the Spread of Germs

To lower your risk of spreading germs at Exygon, please practice these hygiene tips whenever you work out: Don’t workout when you’re sick. If you’re sick or have had a fever within the past 24 hours, DO NOT come to the gym to workout. Even if you feel like you’re up for a workout, you […]

Black Friday Week 2019

The first 26 sign-ups will pay no dues until February 2020 plus receive a premium gym bag!