February is National Heart Month

How healthy is your heart? Are you cardiovascular well? Annual checkups with your physician are recommended to obtain important health information about your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar. Each of these contribute to heart disease, and an annual screening can help you learn if these numbers are within normal limits. If you are overweight, or have high cholesterol or […]

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

by Carolyn Bell, RDN, CSSD In order to lose weight, you will need to learn how many calories to eat a day for weight loss. Most individuals need to lower their calorie intake to achieve weight loss. Reduce portion sizes by eating half of the amount of food you are used to eating to lose weight. This […]

Common Mistakes Inhibiting Your Muscle Building Success

Are you considering a fitness competition or muscle building program? If so, meet with one of our dietitians, Courtney Wilson, MS, RDN, to learn how nutrition fits into your plan! Visit Carolyn Bell online Have you been working hard for weeks maybe even months, eating and training exactly as planned? Wondering why you are not making the muscle […]

Summer Weight Loss Goals

Summer is approaching and many individuals are setting “summertime weight-loss goals”. How can you make these goals more achievable? Steps to Take: 1. Be very specific about your goal. Know exactly what it is you want. Do you want to “just lose weight”, or do you want to lose 20 lbs.? It’s like a road […]

Achieve Weight Loss Results This New Year

Happy New Year! Does every N-E-W Y-E-A-R start with a new resolution to lose weight? Do you weigh less than you did last year at this time? If you are not at your ideal body weight, and don’t want another year to go by without reaching your weight loss goal, perhaps it is time for […]

Holiday Weight Loss

The holiday season is a time for festivity and social gatherings. If you are watching your weight, or even trying to lose weight, beware of snacking! When others around you are indulging, it may seem like you are using great control by having just one or two snacks compared to others. But, the truth is […]

Did You Know That November is National Diabetes Awareness Month?

Did You Know That November is National Diabetes Awareness Month? Right now there are 29.1 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes and 86 million individuals with prediabetes. Changing your food shopping purchases and bringing healthier, lower carbohydrate and whole grain foods home can lower the risk for diabetes, and help control blood sugar for those already […]

Lower Cholesterol with Exercise

Exercise increases blood circulation throughout your body, which keeps your heart strong as it pushes blood to circulate faster and fill with higher oxygen levels; this gets cholesterol to move out of your system. 30-minutes daily of vigorous, aerobic exercise or strength training will contribute to improved cholesterol levels (intense, rather than moderate exercise, shows […]

Who Monitors False Weight-Loss Claims in Advertising?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, is responsible for cracking down on companies’ advertising unsubstantiated weight loss statements.  Many of these statements claim unreasonably high weight loss results, and other false claims. The FTC works with media publishers and broadcasters to help identify false ads and prevent use of the ads.The […]

How Can I Continue to Lose Weight When Attending Events?

Easily, but it takes the right attitude.  Be willing to bring your own food to an event if you feel the food served will not help you lose weight.  If you bring your own food, put a smile on your face and let others know you are trying to bring more health and fitness into […]