EX02 Lab

From squat racks to Booty Builder machines, the EX02 Lab offers a diverse range of premiere equipment tailored to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your glutes. More than just asthestics, strengthening your glutes can include the following benefits: đź’Ş Glute Activation and Strengthening  The gluteal muscles play a crucial role in overall lower body strength and […]

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food: Fueling Your Fitness Journey

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for anyone embarking on a fitness journey. While junk food may be tempting, it often provides little nutritional value and can hinder your progress. Fortunately, there are numerous healthy alternatives that can satisfy your cravings while supporting your fitness goals. It is important to note that the information provided […]

Health Strategies that Address your Wellness from Head to Toe

The best habits for health and wellness are the ones you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. Even small investments in time and energy can lead to big results. So if you’d like to pay more attention to your health, consider the following tips for wellness, head to toe, presented below by Exygon. It […]

Proof Training in a Group is the Way To Go

By Emma Hogan for Fit Planet Can you push your limits further when you’re working out with others? According to new research, the answer is yes! We’re all for enjoyable workouts, but that doesn’t mean taking it easy. If you want to unlock the transformative effects of exercise you need to push yourself out of […]

Posing the Question: Can Science Unlock the Secrets of Yoga?

by Margo White YOGA SCIENCE Expert opinion on whether science can unlock the secrets of yoga. Yoga has seen a massive increase in popularity in the West in recent decades, but it has proved to be difficult to study its effects scientifically. Expert Pam Jeter explains the challenges, and why yoga will continue to grow […]

April Lindsay

I have been a member of Exygon since 2011. I began teaching as a Group X instructor in January 2020 and then began to train full-time in early 2021. My original vocation was a lawyer; however, I chose to stay home after having children. I have always loved fitness and this club was a second […]

The Best Way to Carve Inches Off Your Waistline

CARVING INCHES OFF YOUR WAISTLINEResearch shows how effectively HIIT trims stubborn tummy fat. THE BEST WAY TO CARVE INCHES OFF YOUR WAISTLINE By Emma Hogan for Fit Planet A flat stomach can play hard to get for both genders, but research has identified one method that works better than most. High-intensity interval training is known […]

Ryan Abate

I fell in love with fitness when I started my fitness  journey about 3 years ago. I was weighing 275 pounds and I was just unhappy with myself. I tried doing everything to lose weight but nothing would work because I was never determined. I finally received that motivation from seeing other people’s journeys and […]

Simple Habits That Will Make Seniors Healthier and Happier

Simple Habits That Will Make Seniors Healthier and Happier

Growing older brings about a world of changes. No matter who you are, age ushers in new life stages, both welcome and unwelcome. And though the welcome ones can bring so much joy, it’s still easy to get wrapped up in the turmoil and feel resistant to the unwelcome ones. However, acceptance is a powerful […]

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