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Group X Launch Week starts Monday, July 13th – Saturday, July 18th

Group X Launch Week starts Monday, July 13th – Saturday, July 18th! If you’ve never tried Group X, this is the perfect week to start!! All new choreography in all classes Instructors will be giving away small prizes Chance to win one Exygon t-shirt in each of our Mossa classes. What is a Mossa class?? […]

Summer Weight Loss Goals

Summer is approaching and many individuals are setting “summertime weight-loss goals”. How can you make these goals more achievable? Steps to Take: 1. Be very specific about your goal. Know exactly what it is you want. Do you want to “just lose weight”, or do you want to lose 20 lbs.? It’s like a road […]

What is TRX?

First, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination flexibility, core and joint stability. Using the suspension of two straps, TRX is an effective way to build muscle while combining cardio with strength training. TRX welcomes all […]

Get Fit for the Summer

Spring into a healthy lifestyle here at Exygon Health and Fitness. May brings many opportunities to commit to get fit! Try our “summer free” program and begin your fitness journey today! We offer over 140 group X classes between our two locations. We have morning and evening classes available and our group X classes ALWAYS […]

Missy Brauninger

My family moved to Nederland from Central Texas when I was just a little girl, so I’ve lived in here for most of my life. I became a member of Exygon in 1995 and have always appreciated the positive atmosphere and helpful staff. The more I was around such a motivational atmosphere of our gym, […]

Group X – Launch Week April 13th to April 18th

Launch week starts Monday, April 13, 2015! What is Launch week in Group X… It means all new choreography in all our Group X classes. It’s a super fun filled week with our instructors team teaching and giving away Exygon t-shirts! Worried you won’t know the moves? No worries! This week everyone is on the […]

Launch Week is April 17-April 22.