Fitness Articles

Lower Cholesterol with Exercise

Exercise increases blood circulation throughout your body, which keeps your heart strong as it pushes blood to circulate faster and fill with higher oxygen levels; this gets cholesterol to move out of your system. 30-minutes daily of vigorous, aerobic exercise or strength training will contribute to improved cholesterol levels (intense, rather than moderate exercise, shows […]

I want to lose weight but I have to make myself exercise!

Here are the facts according to David Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center and of the Yale Preventive Medicine Center, “Lifestyle changes that include a healthier diet, regular physical activity, and weight loss of 7%-10%, have shown phenomenal health benefits that can be more effective than medications”.  Also according to Katz, […]

Machines vs. Cables and Free Weights

Ask yourself: “How comfortable am I with keeping perfect form?” and “Do I have any injuries?” If you answer “yes” to either, you need to work out on machines. Machines are designed to help you maintain proper form. Just because machines are the basics of weight training, that doesn’t mean machines do not challenge the […]

Come Run With Us At The Everglow 5k

Sorry for the short notice on this, but we just partnered with EverGlow 5k for THE coolest running event of the year!  It will be held at Ford Park on Saturday June 28th. The normal registration fee is $59 but as a member of Exygon, we’re offering you (and all your friends) a limited-time registration […]

Four Simple Workout Tips

1. Workout Multiple Muscle Groups The more muscles you work at one time, the more calories you’ll burn. Compounding exercises, like squats, dead lifts and bench presses, will give you the most bang for your buck as they engage multiple muscles in your upper or lower body simultaneously. Revamp your routine by including exercises that […]

How Can I Continue to Lose Weight When Attending Events?

Easily, but it takes the right attitude.  Be willing to bring your own food to an event if you feel the food served will not help you lose weight.  If you bring your own food, put a smile on your face and let others know you are trying to bring more health and fitness into […]