Introducing RIP TRX Training Equipment

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The RIP trainer is the newest piece of equipment to the TRX training systems. TRX suspension training is one of the most effective, functional and core strength training systems out there and the RIP trainer is right there with it. Not only are both these pieces of equipment great for people at any training level, both are also easy and convenient to use anywhere.

The TRX suspension trainer is based off using one’s body weight, the RIP trainer is as easy as changing your grip on the trainer bar or changing your stance these small and easy adjustments can take your training from easy to hard. If you’re looking for something different to add to your training, TRX and RIP training will increase strength, balance, core strength and over all physical activity no matter what your current training level or skill…

Classes at Exygon Beaumont are now in session!

TRX training

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am and 9am

Drop in rates $10.00 contact Shelly or Rochelle at Exygon Beaumont (409)-866-2582 for more information.