Kipp Luster

If you are dedicated, determined, and disciplined you can accomplish your desired fitness goals. Most importantly, you have to stay consistent. I am extremely passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. Fitness is a lifestyle that consists of exercise and proper dieting when you incorporate the two together it makes your fitness journey much easier. I have a gift to help others unleash their physical and mental strength to their full capacity. Giving up is not an option in my book, finding another way to over come the adversity is my perspective about life and also fitness. For instance, it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce. Meaning it takes time to accomplish big fitness goals and to obtain your dream body!

I am a certified master fitness trainer through the National Federation of Professional Trainers which consists of: muscular endurance specialist, resistance training specialist, and a fitness nutrition specialist. Also, I am a certified cancer recovery specialist. I know exactly what your fitness journey will take, and I’m willing to travel it with you.

-Kipp Luster, Fitness Director (Exygon Mid-County)