Mariah Sexton: Athleta Experience

I have just gotten back from my second photo shoot with Athleta and both times have been great!

If you’re not familiar with what Athleta is, it is a premium fitness & lifestyle brand owned by Gap Inc. that creates versatile performance apparel to inspire a community of active, confident women since 1998.

The first photo shoot I was invited to, and how I got found, was in May 2019 when one of the Athleta directors reached out to me via email because she found my Instagram through a yoga hashtag I used! I was then flown out to New York and shot for a couple of days and it was the best time!

Recently Athleta rehired me and flew me out to Austria for another photo shoot! They make these shoots so much fun—don’t get me wrong it’s still work (early mornings and long days)—but it’s a great time! Most of my days on set were pretty long. With the Austria shoot, I shot for 3 days with my call time on set being 6AM to go straight to hair and make up. I then got changed into my first outfit, which was for yoga. Stretch, warm up, and shoot!

I believe I did three outfit changes, practically back to back, then we took a break for lunch which was catered on set and was so yummy! But then it was right back to work! After lunch, I did a yoga duo shoot with another model and then a trio shoot with two other girls and then a video with the videographer.

So far, I’ve been featured on their Yoga & Studio page and in Athleta’s August 2019 catalog!

This job is really a dream come true because it’s fun and I get to do what I love—which is yoga and fitness shooting! I prepared for the shoots by continuing to eat healthily and exercise regularly like normal; however, I did up my yoga training by practicing holding poses longer for the camera just to make sure my “yoga endurance” was good!

My favorite thing about working with Athleta is that they’re fun and real people, I had no clue what to expect when I got offered this job—I’ve never worked in this industry—but they are nice and fun people. They like to take everyone to do something fun on each trip. In Austria, we went on this long slide adventure and it was too cool! They appreciate you for who you are and really promote the “power of she” which is women supporting women. That is something I really believe in because the fitness industry can be mean and ruthless, so I love that they are really pushing fitness in a positive way! 

-Mariah Sexton
Personal Trainer, Barre Instructor, & Yogi