May 2014 Group X Instructors of the Month

The Mid-County Club Instructor of The Month is Toni Hebert

ToniToni started teaching at our club in 1996. She teaches Group Power and LOVES to teach Group Groove when she is needed! Toni always goes above and beyond to help out when she’s available. She’s one of those instructors who always makes a class fun and put smiles on our members faces even when she’s dishing out a brutal workout! She always has a great attitude and connects very well with our members. She can make a newbie feel like a veteran in just one class. Toni has two handsome son’s Josh and Joey who keep her up and running. Josh plays basketball and Joey plays basketball and soccer. She has a wonderful husband of 18 years!

The Beaumont Club Instructor of The Month is Casey Ogden

CaseyCasey teaches Club Ex02, Zumba and Group Kick on a weekly basis. She has been teaching at our club since 2009. She is our Club Ex02 team leader. Casey works with our new Zumba and Club Ex02 instructors and potential new instructors. She shares her very own choreography to help the newbies as well as train them to be ready for the stage. She has helped us out tremendously with all the injuries we have had in our Zumba and Club classes. Casey is a wonderful instructor , awesome dancer and she has built great relationships with our members. Casey has two adorable fur babies named Dexter and Penny. In the fall, Casey will begin a new career and a first grade teacher.