Ready, Set, Breakfast


When you’re rushing around in the morning, it can be tempting to skip breakfast. It can’t make that much of a difference, right? Wrong. Eating breakfast on a daily basis has numerous benefits that can not only help you burn calories faster, but can also make you shine brighter throughout the day. Hunger can lead to many side effects, including weakness, headaches, and lack of concentration. What does this mean for you? Poor performance at work and home, most likely. If your thought processes are affected by hunger, you probably will be more forgetful, distracted, and confused if you don’t eat breakfast. These traits are not often welcome in the workplace or at home, so boost your brain and HAVE BREAKFAST!


Eating a health breakfast every day can help you lose weight and help keep it off, which is sometimes the hardest part of a weight lose regimen. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning also means that you won’t be as hungry during the day and you’ll be less likely to eat too much as your day progresses. When you eat in the morning your blood sugar remains level, but if you skip breakfast, your body responds with an increased insulin response- so when you do eat-you’re more than likely to store calories as FAT…YIKES!!!



Breakfast Breakfast. Yes, i know you know that its the most important meal of the day. but sometimes it is so hard to squeeze it in! Add to that, just knowing what to eat for breakfast when you have very little time to prepare a meal. Here are just a few options.

  • Fruit smoothie: Mix fresh fruit with a tablespoon of juice and about a quarter cup of water or yogurt in a blender. Blend and serve.
  • Banana on whole wheat toast: Place the bread under the grill or in the toaster and toast. Slice the banana into thin slices and place or spread over the fresh toast.
  • Hot cereals: oatmeal, cream of wheat, creamy rice cereal, or Irish oatmeal, with cinnamon, or unsweetened applesauce (replace cow’s milk with almond, coconut or rice milk).
  • Non fat plain Greek yogurt mixed with berries and sprinkled with healthy fats such as unsalted seeds or unsalted nuts.
  • Whole grain toast, topped with cinnamon, low sugar jam or fruit “butters” (avoid fatty dairy butter or margerines).
  • Bagels (skip the cream cheese; try hummus, natural nut butters or low sugar jams)
  • Fat free Cottage cheese topped with fruits such as strawberries or blueberries, sprinkle on healthy fats such
    as ground flax seed, Chia seeds or unsalted nuts

Remember, Breakfast sets the pace for the day. Eat smart..Get a Healthy Start!!!!


Launch Week is April 17-April 22.