Ryan Abate

I fell in love with fitness when I started my fitness  journey about 3 years ago. I was weighing 275 pounds and I was just unhappy with myself. I tried doing everything to lose weight but nothing would work because I was never determined. I finally received that motivation from seeing other people‚Äôs journeys and transformations, I wanted a transformation like those people. So I started my journey and lost 50 pounds in just 4 months! I joined Exygon in September of 2020 and now I have lost 30 more pounds and gained muscle along with it. Now I am weighing 195 pounds and in the best shape of my life.
My weight loss journey gave me the urge to help people achieve their fitness goals. That is what led me to pursue my personal training certification with the International Sports Sciences Association.
I have experience in weight loss and muscle gain and I am here to help you along your fitness journey to crush those goals!
-Ryan Abate, Personal Trainer (Exygon Mid-County)