September 2014 Group X Instructors of the Month

The Mid-County Club Instructor of The Month is Tresa Fenn

A-TRESATresa has been a part of the group fitness industry for 24 years! Tresa teaches our Group Core, H.E.A.T. and Cycle classes on a regular basis. Tresa has shown her loyalty over the years by staying committed to our morning program and subbing when her full time job doesn’t have her loaded down. Tresa works full time from home as an Outsource Vehicle Order Manager for General Motors dealerships. Tresa is the Mother to one fabulous son, Brock and has been married to her husband, Mickey for 26 years!. Tresa loves the mountains and snow skiing in the Winter and loves the lake for much needed relaxation during the summer. Thank you Tresa for being a part of our team and your dedication to Exygon!

The Beaumont Club Instructor of The Month is Edwin Cruz

Edwin CruzEdwin is our Master Yogi! Edwin has been practicing Bhakti Yoga since 1993. He has been teaching Yoga since 2007. Edwin has been a huge part of our Yoga program at Exygon and he is the reason for Exygon’s success in the Yoga industry. Edwin always has a smile on his face and is always willing to sub for other Yoga, Pilates or Centergy instructors. Edwin is constantly recruiting new members into the world of Yoga. As of now, Edwin is training to become a Master Yogi at a 500 hours level. He is also a licensed Cosmetologist. In his spare time, Edwin is learning world music and classic piano. Thank you Edwin for being a part of our team and your dedication to Exygon!