Weight Lifting to Lose Weight

Many people still believe that strength training is only for people who want to gain weight in the form of shirt -stretching muscles, and that long periods of exercise like running and cycling is the fastest way to lose fat. The real key to losing fat is high-intensity exercise, especially strength training.

Weight lifting to lose weight

The results may have little to do with what the scale tells you. The weight may go down, stay the same, or even go up a bit. Your shape, however, will change dramatically. This is how it works. To lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. Stay in a calorie-deprived state long enough, and your body begins to burn through its own tissues for fuel, causing you to lose weight and muscle. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat.

Strength -training workouts that take large muscles to a state of burn will increase the release of hormones that aid in reducing body fat. So, if you want to lose fat you should make every effort to hang on to, and even gain as much lean muscle as possible. Strength-training makes you leaner and helps you fit better in your clothes, even if you weigh a little more.