EX02 Lab

From squat racks to Booty Builder machines, the EX02 Lab offers a diverse range of premiere equipment tailored to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your glutes. More than just asthestics, strengthening your glutes can include the following benefits:

💪 Glute Activation and Strengthening 

The gluteal muscles play a crucial role in overall lower body strength and stability. The EX02 Lab offers specialized equipment and space for exercises that target and activate these muscles effectively. By incorporating glute-specific workouts into your routine, you can strengthen your glutes, leading to improved posture, balance, and power.


🍑 Aesthetic Enhancements

Many individuals aspire to shape and tone their gluteal muscles for aesthetic purposes. The EX02 Lab provides specialized equipment including squat racks, Booty Builder machines, AssaultRunner treadmills, indoor sled track, and more! This space allows you to focus on sculpting the glutes, helping you achieve a rounder, firmer, and more defined appearance.


🤕 Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Weak or underdeveloped glutes can contribute to imbalances and movement dysfunctions, increasing the risk of injuries. The EX02 Lab can serve as a rehabilitation space, where individuals with glute-related injuries or weaknesses can work with our certified personal trainers to rebuild strength, restore proper movement patterns, and minimize the likelihood of future injuries.


🏃‍♀️ Athletic Performance Enhancement

Strong glutes are vital for various athletic endeavors, including running, jumping, and lifting. The EX02 Lab offers specific equipment and space for workouts that can enhance gluteal power, explosiveness, and overall athletic performance. Whether it’s sprinting faster, jumping higher, or generating more power during sports activities, the EX02 Lab can help athletes optimize their gluteal strength and performance.


📅 Personalized Guidance and Support

Exygon has certified personal trainers who can help you with glute training. They can provide personalized guidance, proper form correction, and tailored workout programs based on your individual goals and fitness level. Having access to expert advice and support in a dedicated space such as the EX02 Lab can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your glute-focused training.


Elevate your fitness journey and unlock your gluteal potential at our unrivaled EX02 Lab at both Exygon clubs in Beaumont and Mid-County. Try it out with a free day pass or stop by for a tour!


Launch Week is April 17-April 22.