Meet the Trainers

Greg Rodgers

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After graduating from Lamar University, I began my career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I worked in various areas of the hospital including Intensive Care and the Emergency Room.

Following my time as a therapist, I remained in healthcare in the area of Marketing and Sales. Throughout my life, fitness has always been my passion and an integral part of my life. This is what led me to pursue my certification as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Now I have the opportunity to help others reach their fitness goals as a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Strength and Conditioning through one on one sessions.

-Greg Rogers, Fitness Director & Personal Trainer (Exygon Beaumont)


Traci Hester

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I’ve been a member at Exygon since 2017. Being a wife, mom, & stepmom, having a safe place to escape to, no matter who’s with me, was a must!  By the end of 2018, I was fed up with how I felt & was ready to ditch all the failed ‘fit fast’ fads & get serious with myself.  Being uncomfortable with every aspect of my body & anything gym, I eventually turned to GroupX classes as a guide. Zumba had the lights off, so I would slip into classes undetected, unable to even judge myself in the dim lighting. I there found a love for fitness, and eventually turned that love into wanting to help others. I would eventually teach that class.

May 2019, I earned a Zumba fitness teaching certification. Then I was introduced to HIIT.  High Intensity Interval Training changed my life.  Finding performance driven goals vs scale goals, was everything I never knew.  I would go on & gain 3 HIIT certs in 7 months… Strong Nation, LesMills Grit, & LesMills Sprint. I fell in love with HIIT, its style workouts, & with the empowerment that came from conquering challenges & seeing the self-progression.

The love of teaching others to achieve what they viewed as impossible, would bring on the Certified Personal Trainer certification to begin 2022.

Now I serve at Exygon as a National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with focus on Full Body, Functional movements & Corrective exercise, with an additional NASM certification as a Stretching & Flexibility Coach (SFC) along with GroupX classes.  My goal is to empower people & debunk ‘fitness presumptions’ with a purpose driven mentality. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick serve menu. & with my own transformation journey, certifications, & passion to share these endorphins, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals & discover your untapped potential.

-Traci Hester, Fitness Director, Exygon Mid-County

April Lindsay

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I have been a member of Exygon since 2011. I began teaching as a Group X instructor in January 2020 and then began to train full-time in early 2021. My original vocation was a lawyer; however, I chose to stay home after having children.

I have always loved fitness and this club was a second home to me already, so I could not think of a better place for me to reenter the workforce. I received my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I pride myself on providing a personally tailored training strategy for each of my clients based on their fitness level and goals.

-April Lindsay, Personal Trainer (Exygon Beaumont)

Missy Brauninger

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My family moved to Nederland from Central Texas when I was just a little girl, so I’ve lived in here for most of my life. I became a member of Exygon in 1995 and have always appreciated the positive atmosphere and helpful staff. The more I was around such a motivational atmosphere of our gym, the more serious I became about taking care of my body.

In 2010, I was so excited to begin work at Exygon and being part of such a great team. My first job was at the Front Desk and because I’ve always loved kids, I soon moved to the Kids’ Club Department as Manager. I have been the Kids’ Club Manager for over 5 years and I also manage the Janitorial efforts at Exygon. I love taking care of the little ones and keeping Exygon clean for our members.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in the health and fitness side of the business; thus, leading me to get my Personal Training Certification. I enjoy physical activity and helping people to improve their overall well-being through exercise and healthy living.

Being a part of Exygon for so many years has been such a rewarding experience for me. So many of our members are just like family . What better way to help my “family” than to assist them in reaching their individual fitness goals. Working one on one with individuals allows me to be a part of their fitness experience and success. Everyone has potential… everyone has goals.

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Senior Fitness.

With God, all things are possible!

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

-Missy Brauninger, Personal Trainer (Exygon Mid-County)

Shelley Flowers

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For the past 15 years, fitness and wellness have been an integral part of my life. I am very passionate about my job as a personal fitness trainer. I began my career in the fitness industry so that I could help others experience the benefits of physical activity as I have.

I design programs to meet the specific needs of the client, assist in keeping the client-focused, and motivated to meet their fitness goals. The bond I form with all my clients is meaningful and long-lasting. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing positive changes in others.

I walk the talk wearing the outward appearance of fitness. This is not to intimidate, but to motivate, as I am a woman on a mission to reach out and help as many people as I can, showing that achieving this lifestyle is possible at any age.

Getting to my fitness and credentials; my training has spanned over 20 years in the fitness industry with Sam Houston State University – Certification by the National Institute of Preventative Medicine. Lamar State College with a major in Nursing and Diet and Nutrition. Certification by Exercise ETC. INC. for Designing Cardio Program; Exercise and the Older Adult; Designing Practical Programs, Implementing Weight Management Programs; Training the Core; Implementing Practical Programs; Designing Strength Programs and Bootcamp Workout Drills.

My personal interests and hobbies other than fitness include cooking and baking, or most of the time getting together with family and friends.

-Shelley Flowers, Personal Trainer (Exygon Beaumont)

Glen Mire

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I have always had a passion for fitness. So much so, that it led me to pursue my certification as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and later became a Master Fitness Specialist with the Cooper Institute. I have been training for over 30 years, of which 20+ years have been at Exygon.

I help others reach their fitness goals as a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Weight Loss through one-on-one sessions.

-Glen Mire, Personal Trainer (Exygon Nederland + Beaumont)

Launch Week is April 17-April 22.