Group X Launch Week starts Monday, January 15th – Saturday, January 20th

Group X Launch Week starts Monday, January 15th  – Saturday, January 20th!

If you’ve never tried Group X, this is the perfect week to start!!

  • Try Exygon group classes for FREE! (Non-members just need to sign in at the front desk.)
  • All new choreography and music in all classes so everyone is a beginner
  • Chance to win one Exygon t-shirt in each of our classes
  • Kid’s Club is available to those participating

January is the perfect time to try group fitness classes and kickstart your fitness journey with positivity. It’s not just a workout; it’s an uplifting experience that turns those New Year resolutions into real, achievable goals. You can expect high-fives, good vibes, and a bunch of awesome people cheering you on in every class.

The cool thing about these classes is that they’ve got something for everyone. It’s like a fitness adventure, finding what clicks for you and making exercise way more enjoyable. Plus, you’ve got these skilled instructors guiding you through it all, making sure it’s not just safe but also super effective.

Group X is about celebrating your well-being, sharing victories, and soaking up that awesome energy that’s gonna get you feeling healthier and happier. Ready to make January your month for a kick-butt, fun-filled fitness journey? Let’s do this! 💪

Pick up a schedule today and we’ll see you in class!