Member Highlight: Traci Hester

I have currently lost 30 pounds this year.  My only regret is not taping myself.

I chose to start Group X classes because I needed accountability.  My body had fluctuated once again. I was unhappy & uncomfortable but I needed help.  I was too ashamed & conflicted to get help from a trainer in the gym, so I looked to the Group X classes.  I started attending the last launch week of 2018 & I had found exactly what I needed. I started with Zumba, more as a joke to my daughter about being able to show her up with “moves”, & I ended up as a Certified Zumba Instructor!

All the time in between, Zumba class became my escape.  One hour of me to let loose.  I began with the mindset, to keep the accountability, that if I wasn’t there, class couldn’t start.  From there it became routine.  I could feel it in my knees the weight that was coming off, so I began to try running again.  After hitting it hard for a while, I found many parts of my body in pain because of how I was managing my gym & cardio routine.  With that, I added Barre into my classes.  Barre has introduced me parts of my body I wasn’t aware was there but it also challenged me in every way, shape, & form.  Barre helps increase my flexibility, work & stretch deeper in muscles than I’ve ever achieved & as well decrease many back, joint & just plain old body pains.   

In both classes, I walk in wanting to do better than the last, always emphasizing & increasing & growing & progressing….taking Group X classes was a big turn around for me, a literal life-changer. 

I have currently lost 30 pounds this year.  My only regret is not taping myself.

-Traci Hester


Launch Week is April 17-April 22.