Facts About Weight Lifting for Women

weight lifting for womenMany women have the misconception that weight lifting will develop big, bulky muscles. In all actuality, women do not have enough of the hormone testosterone to do develop muscles like a man. Without the use of steroids to unnaturally alter the hormone level, it’s impossible for a woman to develop muscles that are big/bulky.

The benefits of weight lifting are impressive. It provides a short term and long term metabolism boost, thus reducing body fat. The short term metabolism boost is one of the best ways to increase Post- exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC , commonly known as the after burn effect, refers to how many additional calories your body will have to burn in order to repair, recover and return back to the way it was before the workout began. The long term metabolism boost occurs because it builds and maintains lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass, the higher your metabolism which means more calories burned to maintain itself.

Weight lifting can reshape the body, as well as, give you a strong, firm, toned body. Considering all the benefits of weight lifting for women, they (we) should make it a part of their (our) fitness program.


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