Valentine’s Day is All About the Heart

Valentine’s day is all about the heart and there is no better gift for the heart than a membership at Exygon. We provide the facility to strengthen the heart, mind and body as well as the atmosphere to build friendships. We at Exygon offer something for everyone. We have zumba classes, yoga classes, spin classes […]

Weight Lifting to Lose Weight

Many people still believe that strength training is only for people who want to gain weight in the form of shirt -stretching muscles, and that long periods of exercise like running and cycling is the fastest way to lose fat. The real key to losing fat is high-intensity exercise, especially strength training. The real key […]

Group Fight Class

Want to try an incredible full body workout that only takes 55 minutes?? We’ve got just the class!!! Group Fight!! This electric experience is ADDICTIVE! For ALL Fitness Levels! Click To Tweet The MOSSA Fight workouts burn huge calories and build total body strength. Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts (MMA) movements done a […]

Something for Everyone at Exygon

At Exygon Health and Fitness Club there is something for every member of the family. For ages starting at 15, our  gym is well equipped with all types of the latest start of the art cardio machines. The gyms in Beaumont and Nederland are equipped with a very well rounded set of free weights for every type of […]

Group X Launch Week starts Monday, July 13th – Saturday, July 18th

Group X Launch Week starts Monday, July 13th – Saturday, July 18th! [video_lightbox type=”embed” style=”3″ width=”511″ height=”288″ placeholder=”” placeholder_width=”600″ placeholder_height=”252″ align=”center”][/video_lightbox] If you’ve never tried Group X, this is the perfect week to start!! All new choreography in all classes Instructors will be giving away small prizes Chance to win one Exygon t-shirt in each […]

Facts About Weight Lifting for Women

Many women have the misconception that weight lifting will develop big, bulky muscles. In all actuality, women do not have enough of the hormone testosterone to do develop muscles like a man. Without the use of steroids to unnaturally alter the hormone level, it’s impossible for a woman to develop muscles that are big/bulky. The […]

Calorie Burning on a Time Crunch

When deciding on a workout every time you go to the gym there are thousands of options. If you are on a time crunch or you just want a great workout that will burn lots of calories, a full body workout is the way to go. Keep in mind when putting your workout together to […]

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

So many times we see new and old members start the year off with great intentions to lose weight and improve their health. But, so many times do we see those same members lose motivation after only 4-6 weeks. Here are 4 simple, but effective tips on how to make those New Year’s weight loss […]

Group X News

Group X Launch week is coming January 12, 2015! If you’ve never tried a Group X class before, NOW is the time! All new choreography is coming into the Group X studios along with your chance to win a free Exygon T-Shirt during launch week! Brand new to Beaumont is our Zumba Express class starting, […]

Parisi Athlete’s Spotlight for December

Congratulations to Parisi athletes Grayson Padgett, Jordan Welborn and Kennedy Cline as they extend their academic and athletic careers next season in college. Hard work and the will to be the best pays off! Remember to always train hard, train smart, and train to win! Scott Meyer Program Director Parisi Speed School (409) 718-7787